A Podcast About Storytellers

How It Works


Write About Now is a writing consulting resource for executives, celebrities, innovators, and anyone who wants to share their story and ideas with the world. 

Whether your goal is to write a book, a screenplay, a speech, an article, or a white paper, my goal is to put all those incredible ideas swirling around in your head onto the page. Unlike other impersonal content mills or agencies, Write About Now provides each client with a specialized, one-on-one collaboration, as if he or she was working with their own, personal writing partner.

STEP 1. Get Free Consultation

Before we get started, I'd like us both to get to know each other better. This will help me better understand your plans and goals, and give you an opportunity to ask me questions so you can make an informed decision. I offer our initial engagement free of charge.  

STEP 2. Strategize

If we decide to move forward in our collaboration, the next step would be to iron out the details—including time frame, deliverables, and compensation. Because most projects differ in size and scope, there are no set fees.

Step 3. Listen and Learn

This is the fun part. You play VIP interviewee and I play Oprah, as we sit down a number of times together, either in person or on Skype, talking, sharing ideas and stories, and answering my plethora of questions. All the while, I record every word you say and take copious amounts of notes.

STEP 4. Get Drafted

Let the writing begin! Depending on your ideal work style, you will either work with me as we shape and mold your first and second draft together, allow me do all the initial work and weigh in later with thoughts and notes, or take a stab at the first draft and let me be your tough love editor.

STEP 5. Publish!

With final draft in hand, I will offer exclusive tips, tricks, and insider knowledge on getting your work published.