Who's the Mystery Brunette Ordering Starbucks?


Recognize the woman in the Land Rover? That's Lena Headey aka Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones. And the guy trying unsuccesfully to hide behind her? That's New York Times writer and my guest on Episode 14 of the Write About Now pocast!

The photo was taken in Yorkshire, England by some very happy Starbucks employees who recognized the actress, despite her having a full head of hair and tattoos. The photo was retweeted by the actress herself last summer. 

If every picture tells a story, then I needed to know this one. So I called up Jeremy and asked him to discuss.

What's the backstory here?  "I spent about a day and a half with her overall (for a feature in the New York Times). I took a train to Yorkshire, and we drove around one afternoon. She showed me where she grew up and used to hang out and the new house she bought. Then the next morning, she picked me up from my hotel and we took a train into London. On the way to the station, we picked up coffee at Starbucks for convenience sake. She mock apologized for making someone who lives in Brooklyn go to Starbucks. (She's pretty cheeky and there was a steady stream of Brooklyn jokes like, "Where's your man bun?" etc)."

How was her driving? "Well she didn't run over any street urchins or do any other horrible thing that one might expect from Cersei. She seems like a good driver, but it was a bit harrowing at times. Yorkshire is really beautiful, but it doesn't seem to have any traffic laws.

Did the employees recognize her? Yes they recognized her immediately. I think she goes there quite a bit and it seemed like the workers had been waiting for their chance to get a selfie. 

Why do you appear to be hiding? I have no idea, honestly. I think it was like, they want a picture of her, not me, so I'll just sort of hide behind her. You see how well that worked.

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