Ep. 4 — Tempany Deckert on How to Write a Novel in 10 Weeks


This week on the Write About Now podcast, host Jonathan Small talks to actress, author, and writing instructor, Tempany Deckert. A former Australian soap opera star, Tempany now writes YA books and teaches the widely popular course — Write a Novel in 10 Weeks at UCLA Extension.

Tempany has developed a motivating, fun, and rigurous system for cutting through writer's block and getting that book you've always wanted to write done quickly and thoughfully. It's the same, self-taught technique that she's used to pen her own 18 published novels.

In the pod, she breaks it down for us step-by-step, sharing the exercises and practices she uses herself and with her students. If you're writing a novel or just thinking about it, Tempany will give you the all the tools and inspiration you need to get from prologue to epilogue — in less time than it takes to go through a bottle of shampoo.