Ep. 11 — Anna Fricke and Liz Tigelaar: Showrunners. Role Models. Besties.


Anna Fricke and Liz Tigelaar are among TV's top writers and producers. They're also best friends. The womance began in the offices of Dawson's Creek, where they were both assistants. Although they never worked together again, their careers took similar paths straight to the tippy top.

Anna tore up the ladder, writing for such shows as EverwoodMen In Trees, and Privileged. She and her husband, Jeremy Carver (check out Episode 2!) were executive producers of Being Human, a hit show on the CW. She's also run or co-run the writer's room on Minority Report, Wayward Pines, and currently Valor, also on the CW.

Liz scored writing spots at American Dreams, Brothers and Sisters, Once Upon a Time, Melrose Place, to name a few. Her big breakthrough came in 2010, when the CW picked up her semi-autobiographical show Life Unexpected. Liz has been executive and consulting producer on Nashville, Bates Motel, and most recently Casual on Hulu.

On the podcast, they talk about how they got to where they are and what they've learned along the way, what they look for when hiring a staff (it's not what you think), and their take on being a woman in Hollywood today. 

I had a blast interviewing these fiercely smart and talented women. I hope you have as much fun listening. 

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