Ep. 1: Dan Gerstein on The Secret World of Ghostwriting


In the new episode of the Write About Now podcast, host Jonathan Small searches for answers to all your questions about ghostwriting. When should you hire a ghostwriter? How do you find the best match? How much does it cost? To get the skinny, Small interviews Dan Gerstein, the founder and president of Gotham Ghostwriters. His agency pairs top writers with thought leaders who want help writing everything from books to speeches. In this episode, he unmasks the clandestine world of ghostwriting. What do ghostwriters actually do? How does the writing process work? How do you find a ghostwriter that's right for you? How much do they cost? These are just some of the topics he tackles in our spirited discussion. Wait, did I just use the word "spirited"? All this ghost talk is giving me the creeps. Who ya gonna call? Dan Gerstein!

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