Ep. 18 —Happiness Specialist Amy Spencer Will Completely Change Your Love Life


Amy Spencer's Optimism is Like a Cool Breeze in the Middle of Hot Yoga. Her three books The Happy Life ChecklistBright Side Up and Meeting Your Half-Orange inspire readers to find happiness in love and in life.

I first met Amy in the halls of Dennis publishing, where she worked at Maxim doling out expert advice to meathead guys. She would move up the editorial ladder to bigger roles at Glamour and Star. But it was an epiphany about "dating optimism" that caused her to switch gears and careers—from articles to books, from dissastisfied to content, and from stressfully single to happily married. 

In the podcast, we talk about her remarkable evolution, how and why she's so damn positive, and how you can be, too. 

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!

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