Chelsea Cox Brings Marilyn Monroe-Inspired Murder Trial to Life


Chelsea Cox has been obsessed with murder trials since she was a kid. Now she writes, produces, and hosts a popular podcast called 'Deliberations,'  which imagines what goes on inside a jury room. Part-scripted, part-improvised, part reality, part make-believe, the audio drama invites listeners to step inside all the workings of a trial

Think Twelve Angry Men, only there are 6 jurors, they're not all men, and they're only a little bit angry.

On this episode of Write About Now, Chelsea talks this seasons cliffhanger, which imagines a Marilyn Monroe-inspired case where her psychiatrists in on trial for a starlett’s murder.

Chelsea also talks about why she thinks fiction is more powerful than reality and her unusual decision to let her actor/jurors decide the final verdict rather than write the ending herself. 

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