Jeff Pearlman On How To Win the Sportswriting Game


Jeff Pearlman is one of the most successful and prolific sportswriters on the scene.

He's written eight best-selling books, ranging on everything from great teams such as the Showtime Lakers and the 1986 Mets, to iconic players like Brett Favre, Walter Payton, and Roger Clemens. His latest book, Football for a Buck, chronicles "the crazy rise and crazier demise” of the USFL (blame Donald Trump).

A former Sports Illustrated senior writer and columnist, Pearlman contributes to Bleacher Report, The Wall Street Journal, and He also co-hosts the Two Writers Slinging Yang podcast and is a self-diagnosed "Twitter addict."

On this episode of Write About Now, Pearlman talks about:

  • The creative ways he finds offbeat stories

  • Why sports are a lot funnier than we think they are.

  • How to get athletes to spew more than just classic cliches (plus his favorite question to ask athletes)

  • The hardest interviews he’s ever done.

  • Tips for getting your stuff finished.

  • How he overcomes self doubt