Stacey Glick on How to Land a Literary Agent

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Ah, the coveted book deal. It's a writer's holy grail—even in the golden age of self-publishing. But can you get a book deal without a literary agent?

Chances are slim to none‚—unless you're crazy famous (and even that's hard). Agents are the gatekeepers between you and the shelves at Barnes & Noble. Think of them as the Night's Watch of the publishing wall.

Stacey Glick is one of the best literary agents in the business. And in this episode of Write About Now, she gives honest and actionable advice on how to get noticed by an agent, what publishers are buying (and not buying), and the one untapped market you might now know about.

As Vice President of the New York City agency Dystel, Goderich, and Bourret, Stacey represents an impressive and eclectic list of authors.

On the adult side, she covers such topics as memoirs, cooking and food, psychology, science, health and wellness, lifestyle, current events, pop culture, and select adult contemporary fiction.

On the children's side: YA, middle grade, nonfiction, and picture books. For more about her agency and their submission guidelines, check out

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