How This TV Comedy Writing Couple Makes It Work


What happens when two divorced TV comedy writers meet on the picket line of a writer's strike? You'll just have to listen to the podcast to find out.

But this episode is not just the story of Hunter Covington and Stacy Traub's unlikely courtship, it's also a handy guide on how to break into the world of comedy writing.

Stacy has been a showrunner and staff writer for such shows as black-ish, Glee, The Real O'Neals, Trophy Wife, and Notes from the Underbelly. Hunter was most recently showrunner for the ABC comedy, Alone Together. His other writing/producing credits include My Name is Earl, Community, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Some takeaways from this episode:

  • Everyone has a story inside them that's specific to only them--and that's what you have to go out and share in meetings and in your spec scripts. Ask yourself: What is the thing that only you can write about? That's what Hunter and Stacy have done, and it's worked pretty darn well for them so far. 
  • Know that you're not going to click with everyone, and that's fine. It doesn't matter if someone doesn't laugh at your script. Now, if five people don't laugh...
  • Puns and 'Nakamuras' are the two things you need to avoid.
Jonathan SmallComment