Ex-NBA Player Paul Shirley on What Basketball Taught Him About Writing


Shirley you can't be serious? I am serious and stop calling me Shirley.

This 6'10'' former forward and basketball journeyman played for everyone from the Atlanta Hawks to the UNICS of Kazan. He is also the author of two memoirs, 'Can I Keep My Jersey?', which chronicles his years on the court, and 'Stories I Tell On Dates', which chronicles his years courting.

The latter book has been adapted to a hilarious new podcast of the same name, in which Paul recalls his experience playing for 17 different teams across the globe.

On this episode of Write About, Paul takes us along on the journey of unsually tall kid from smalltown Kansas to the NBA, with detours in Spain, Russia, and Greece.

He talks about his post-career decision to become a writer and how basketball taught him discipline and the freedom of contraints. 

He also makes me laugh -- a lot.