Sarah Rhea Werner: Why She Podcasts Her Novel

I'm a fan of Sarah Rhea Werner -- and you will be, too, after you listen to this episode

Sarah hosts a popular podcast about writing called Write Now. Her Facebook group "I Am A Writer" is an invaluable resource for professional and aspiring scribes, and she just launched a fictional podcast called Girl in Space, which dramatizes her novel of the same name.

Ok, I know, I know. Her subject matter and podcast name are suspiciously close to mine, but I only found out about Sarah's show after it kept popping up on my Apple Podcast page under the heading: "Your Listeners Also Liked..."
And I'm happy it did. Because Sarah's inspired me both by the community of like-minded writers that she has built online and by her latest approach to writing. 

Rather than look for a publisher or self-publish, Sarah is releasing her novel as a podcast, complete with friends and family as the actors.

The success of this podcast has exceeded her wildest expectations. Methinks she just might be onto something.

Jonathan SmallComment