Who Killed The Klaus Family?


On December 8, 2013, a farmhouse in Alberta, Canada burned to the ground, killing three of its occupants Monica, Sandi, and Gordon Klaus. What really happened to them that night remained a mystery until the Canadian police conducted a bizarre sting operation called “Mr. Big” that led to the capture of their killer.


Crime writer Jana G. Pruden has written an electrifying feature on the case for The Globe and Mail. On this very special episode of the podcast, she joins me from the frozen climes of Alberta to talk about this chilling story, her career as a crime writer covering the mysterious murders in a part of Western Canada called The Prairies, and how she finds light even in the darkest of murders.


I suggest you listen to this episode with a loved one nearby for comfort.

You can find her original story here: http://bit.ly/JanaPruden.

For more about the amazing Jana G. Pruden, visit her website: http://www.janapruden.ca/