Gabriela Pereira Knows How To Conquer The Most Common Writing Struggles


Gabriela Pereira doesn’t want to hate on master’s degree programs. Shegraduated from one herself at The New School in New York City. But she does caution that they’re not for everybody, and that while the writing profession has changed and expanded, most MFA programs seems to be stuck in a snobbish literary past.

Her company “helps writers around the world get the knowledge without the college” by offering classes, workshops, and blog posts about the tips and tricks Gabriela learned while going undercover at grad school.

Gabriela is also a TedX speaker, podcast host for DIY MFA Radio, and author of the book DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build Your Community. On this episode, she talks about why master's degree programs fail so many writers, the myths we believe that hold us back from reaching our creative potential, and how to overcome various blocks, such as imposter syndrome.

Jonathan SmallComment