Ep. 23—The Hollywood Reporter's Alison Brower on...How To Be a Hollywood Reporter


With the 2018 Oscars around the corner, literally, from where I live,  I figured it was a good time to invite Alison Brower, the Deputy Editorial Director of the Hollywood Reporter, over to Write About Now studios to talk shop.

Alison takes me through her impressive origin story, which consists of a solid opening as an editorial assistant for Helen Gurley Brown's Cosmo, then working her way up to run magazines for two of mighiest O's on the planet—Oprah and Dr. Oz.

We talk about the seismic shift in post-Harvey Hollywood and THR's role in giving wronged women a platform to tell their powerful stories. Alison also breaks down the kind of stories she looks for and offers do's and don'ts for aspiring writers looking to pitch the magazine.

Lastly, we indulge in a little Oscar night prediction for best picture of the year. Spoiler alert: It's not The Emoji Movie.