How To Market Yourself Like a Boss


I first met Jaclyn Mullen when I took her General Assembly class "Digital Marketing" in downtown LA. Although I had no idea what to expect, I knew I had to up my marketing game if I wanted to stay competitive in the marketplace. Best decision ever. 

Being a good writer isn't good enough anymore. You need to be savvy about how you get your name and your work out there. Even if you have no money, few credentials, and even fewer clips, you can still do a bunch of things to get strangers to be friends.

On this episode of Write About Now with Jonathan Small, marketing expert Jaclyn Mullen of Jaclyn Mullen Media takes us through a crash course on how to sell yourself without selling your soul, being annoying, or spending a fortune.

We cover such topics as building a website, a blog, an email list, and social media following. Jaclyn herself is also a writer, so she comes to the topic of marketing with a refreshing creativity. This is not some wonky lesson on SEO and Google Analytics, but rather an actionable game plan for how to market yourself without being annoying.