Cosmo Editor Michele Promaulayko Reveals All


Michele Promaulayko knows what women want. She has to. As editor-in-chief of Cosmo, and editorial director of both Seventeen and Women’s Health, she both reflects and influences many of their passions and aspirations. Michele is also the bestselling author of two books with great titles: Look Better Naked and 20 Pounds Younger.

On a recent trip to New York, I visited Michele in her offices atop Hearst Tower to get the skinny on her impressive career. Starting as an intern at Sassy, she worked her way up the publishing ladder with stops at Teen People, Women's Health, Yahoo, and two tours at Cosmo—as an executive editor for 8 years then the top spot.  

We covered a ton of stuff, and I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say we talked about what it's like to head up a traditionally boy-crazy bible in a time when many women aren’t crazy about boy’s antics. Also, how women’s take on sexuality has changed since the time she started in the biz, and how she comes up with those classic coverlines.

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