The Insane Story Behind the Making of Unsane

Claire Foy.jpeg

This week's episode of Write About Now introduces you to Jonathan Bernstein, a Scottish scribe, who has made is career by being able to pivot to different genres and mediums.  His latest pivot came in the fast-and-furious form of a Steven Soderbergh thriller. One minute Jonathan was writing young adult novels, and the next thing he knows Soderbergh wants to make his movie, Unsane.

Starring Claire Foy, the film, which opens March 23, was shot entirely on iPhones. This isn't how Bernstein imagined it, but he also didn't imagine he'd be writing movies again. If you ever felt like giving up on your writing dreams, listen to this interview first. It's proof that if you're willing to adapt and reinvent yourself, good things can come your way.