How to Earn Six-Figures Self-Publishing

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Joanna Penn is living the dream. As an "indie author," entrepreneur, podcaster, and self-publishing guru. She's written 27 books, selling over 500,000 in 84 countries and 5 languages.

Joanna didn't begin her career as a writer. As a frustrated IT consultant, she was completely miserable in her job. Desperation drove her to the pen. She knew she wanted to make a living being creative, but she also knew math: If she wanted to earn the same salary writing books, she'd need to make a scalable business out of it.

That was 10 years ago. Now Joanna is making multiple six-figures as a prolific author and marketer. On the podcast, she reveals her secret sauce, offering a blueprint for success in self-publishing that extends well beyond simply writing.

Joanna is part of a new movement of writers who are leveraging advances in e-publishing and digital marketing to build business empires with multiple streams of revenue. Like indie musicians and indie directors before them, indie authors are on the rise and here to stay.

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